Top 5 Mobile Apps for UPSC Preparation

Tired of sticking to traditional forms of exam preparation? What if you can crack the civil services examination with a simple gadget? Your mobile phone. Here are 5 essential mobile apps for UPSC preparation to help you learn better and faster.

Finding the right mobile app for IAS preparation among hundreds of apps on Google Play and iTunes can be a rather tiring task. You may also have found a number of blog posts listing up to 50 of these apps. By this time, you’d have lost your precious time and energy. What’s worse? At the end of all this, you’d be more confused and bewildered than when you started researching.

Don’t worry, dear aspirants! We have curated a list of the five most essential mobile apps that you need to install right now.  And trust us, these are the only ones you will need.

1. Constitution of India

Purpose: To easily refer bare acts and constitutional amendments on-the-go.

During UPSC preparation, it is imperative that a student must be thorough with the nuances of the Indian constitution. Tired of carrying Laxmikanth’s Indian Polity textbook with you all the time? Here’s a handy app to carry the lengthiest constitution in the world, right in your pockets.

App Features:

  • Preamble
  • Parts
  • Articles
  • Schedules
  • Constitutional Amendments till Date
  • Neat and Comprehensive Division of Content into Parts, Sections, Sub-Sections, and Article Lists. 
  • Bookmark Articles, Amendments, and Schedules
  • Share Content via Email, SMS, or Other Messaging Applications
  • Offline Availability
  • Fast and Responsive User Interface
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2. The Hindu

Purpose: To have steady access to latest news updates, high-quality editorials, public opinions, etc.

News and current affairs form the two most important pillars of every competitive examination, and ‘The Hindu’ is the most trusted newspaper for IAS aspirants to refer. However, it is important to skip news items that are not related to civil services preparation.

App Features:

  • Live News Updates
  • Breaking News Updates
  • Current News and Analysis
  • Trending Stories, Events, and Live Scores
  • Personalize Home Screen for Local News
  • Mark Articles as “Read Later”
  • ‘Offline Mode’ to Read News Offline
  • ‘Read Aloud’ Feature Allows App to Read the News to You
  • ‘Night Mode’ to Easily Read News in Dim Light
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3. ePathshala (NCERT)

Purpose: To read/download chapters from the latest edition of all NCERT textbooks.

NCERT textbooks plays a crucial role in building a strong foundation for your IAS journey. Getting your basics right is of foremost importance and there is no better way to do it. Once this is done, you may have to supplement the knowledge gained with more specialized books and current affairs materials.

App Features:

  • All Textbooks from Classes I to XII
  • Digital Textbooks, Supplementary Readers, Exemplar Problems
  • Audio and Video Resources for Student
  • Journals, Policy Documents and Other Scholarly Resources for Researchers and Educators
  • Zoom Pages, Highlight Portions or Bookmark Topics
  • Machine Readable Books in Offline Mode
  • Text to Speech (TTS) Application
  • Available in 22 Indian Languages 
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4. PIB

Purpose: To keep track of Government of India’s latest yojanas, plans, policies, programme initiatives and achievements.

First-hand information about all news related to the government is essential for cracking the current affairs section of UPSC examinations. While you may get a crunched version of news on various websites, it is advisable to collect information from reliable sources, analyze, and prepare your own notes. It is equally important to weed out unnecessary information or news items. Countless number of students have appraised the articles that are published here, so do not forget to check them out.

App Features:

  • Press Releases Highlights
  • Media Invitations
  • Photos &Videos of Events
  • Events & Announcements
  • Share Content on Social Media
  • Mark Item to Read Later
  • App is also offers to share it content to Social Media. You can mark it Feature to Read it later.
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5. Civilsdaily

Purpose: For critical analysis of daily current affairs.

Current affairs is an integral part of civil services exam preparation. UPSC strictly demands that students should be able to critically analyze the events happening around them and formulate ideas to improve processes and to create a sustainable future for the country. Civilsdaily offers a comprehensive analysis of relevant current affairs to guide IAS aspirants in the right path to clear prelims and mains.

App Features:

  • Daily English Translations of News from Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, and Other Sources
  • Comprehensive Current Affairs & News Updates
  • Daily Newscards Compiled Topic-Wise for Easy Reference
  • Bookmark Newscards for Offline Availability
  • Neat Interface
  • Highest Rated Current Affairs App on Google Play
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